Stress is a normal part of our physiology and helps us to survive. Back when we were living in caves, it was the hormones produced by the stress of being chased by a lion or having to get the harvest in before the storm that enabled us to survive. We wouldn’t be here today wtihout stress!

Nowadays stress is a much bigger part of our lives. Thanks to our way of life, we are under stress from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close them again at night. If you have young kids then it can go on throughout the night too!

Unless you move to a desert island or a monastery there really is no way of avoiding stress in modern life. Even those options come with their stresses! This means that we really need to learn how to manage our stress so that we can still live lives with optimum health.

When stress is felt in short bursts it can help us. We cram the night before an exam, we meet a deadline at work at the last minute all thanks to the adrenaline that comes from being under stress.

It’s when the stress is ongoing and we don’t get a break from it that we suffer with chronic stress and the illnesses that come with it. Stress can result in cancer, heart related health problems, anger, guilt, sadness, depression, hopelessness and more. It is critical that we learn to deal with stress so that we don’t get to these debilitating states of dis-ease.

There are many ways to ease stress. How you manage stress will be very personal to you. You need to find ways that fit with your life and what you like to do. There is no point going to play tennis to relieve stress if it’s something youe would rather not be doing!

Here is a list of ways to ease stress –

Get a massage

Take a walk


Practice breathing exercises

Do yoga


Talk to a good listener

Eat good food



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