Great Life

me 3Life is GREAT! Yes I shouted that!

For a long time I lived in the fog. The haze of college, work, commuting, bills, you get the idea.

A few things kick started my change in perspective.

Firstly I got pregnant and my whole world was turned upside down. in the best way ever. I started to pay attention to myself for the first time in my life. I had always tried different ways to stay healthy but nothing kicked me into action like having the responsibility of another life to care for. All of a sudden I was laser focused on what we ate, what we put on our skin, the levels of stress in our house and having good relationships so my children could flourish in a stable home.

When my second little boy was grown enough to leave with Daddy (by my own standards, he was well over 1!) I trained to teach yoga. I had never felt so free before in my career. Free to travel with my work, free to leave my old job. The possibilities were endless and it was fantastic.

My career path started as a second-level teacher and while I loved the job I always felt stifled there. I had ended up teaching subjects that were not my forté and all of a sudden with yoga I felt I could go anywhere and have the ability to earn money.

When I found the essential oil brand I use now, it boosted this euphoric feeling of freedom even further. I began to see new possibilities everywhere I turned. Partly because of the physical and emotional changes the oils helped me to make, but also because of the financial freedom they brought. By having my own business sharing the oils with people who need them, I became more and more free to live my life how I really wanted to.

For me, living a great life also means living a more natural life. A natural life for me, is one where you impact the earth as little as possible through your way of life – avoiding toxins and harsh chemicals, eating organic and raw as possible food, taking care with our words and actions every day.

When you take care of the footprints you leave, you will find your relationships with everyone improve and not just with Mother Earth! Living a life where you make a positive impact is really rewarding and makes you feel great about yourself and your life.

Add to that my training as a Wellness Coach and you have a person who is passionate and dedicated to helping people create massive change in their lives for the better. Not necessarily very fast (although for some change comes easily) but steadily and in a way that is sustainable long-term.

People who work with me find that they are inspired and supported to make changes in their lives that will bring more happiness and peace to their lives. They are fitter, healthier, more joyful, more financially free and most of all happier every day of their lives.

Do you crave change? Do you want more out of life than you are getting?

Don’t feel guilty about this! We are taught to make do with what we have but this does not have to be how it is!

Take action!

Contact me for a call to discuss the change you need.