Sarah is a mother, wife, wellness coach and essential oils business owner, living in Connemara on the West coast of Ireland. Surrounded by love, stunning scenery and the freedom to live life as she chooses, Sarah now helps others to do the same.

When I flunked Architecture at the tender age of 18 I was lost. Under pressure to “do something” I ended up going for my second option which was to teach Technical Drawing.

I’ll admit I hadn’t done my research and Woodwork and Construction Studies were a huge part of that teacher training course. To make things worse, when I graduated I ended up teaching mostly those subjects as the drawing classes are usually snapped up by the more senior teachers. I will say that I loved every minute of my career in teaching. I even loved and still love woodwork!

I managed for years teaching those very masculine subjects. I became harsh and strong in all the wrong ways teaching in a tough school. It was when I had my first child things began to change fast.

What I had been doing no longer sat right with me. I wanted to be a strong but tender mother to my children. I couldn’t return to 4 hours in the car each day, to lift heavy timber and use big machinery.

So I trained to teach yoga and that softened me some! If you ever have the chance to do yoga teacher training I promise you won’t regret it. Life changing is a mild description!

Around the same time I got married, and during the wedding preparations discovered pure essential oils. Wow! A whole new world opened up to me. I had been tinkering and concocting in the kitchen with made-from-scratch meals and treats. The oils opened up a whole new vista of home-made.

I make deodorant, body scrubs, face creams, face masks, body lotion all from 100% pure natural products. The essential oils are central to my creations, I even use them in my cooking!

Sarah’s passion for all things natural led her to train as a Wellness Coach. Offering one-to-one sessions and group coaching online, Sarah helps women create the lives they dream of but can’t change on their own.

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